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In the era of the internet, smartphones, social media, online dating is truly changing the nature of society. The Internet has revolutionized our mode and systems of communication and transformed our day to day life. The future of social communication and interaction is online.

Today internet dating is part of the norm; it is no longer looked down upon. Many people have met online and formed lifelong relationships. Today more than one-third of nuptials worldwide is a result of online dating and the numbers continued to rise.

Sugar Daddy NZ is an online dating platform that helps individuals in New Zealand connects with singles in their local area in search of a deeper love connection and a possible lifetime partner. They boast of a large, diverse and quality pool of daters as the website attracts an estimated 400 local members to join weekly. At this site, you will always be able to immerse yourself in the dating world without any hindrances.

It is different from other dating websites as they focus on facilitating true love connections rather than digital sexual encounters and casual hookups through their innovative and interactive online chat rooms. They want people not to simply create relationships but rather build upon and maintain the connections made. Their chat rooms offer the perfect space and opportunity to create mystery, desire, passion, and romance.

They realize that every individual is unique and has their own strengths and weaknesses. It is not correct to be judgmental about people and doesn’t do that – they don’t judge you, but help out in any way they can so that you can find your own millionaire match. The goal is to find everyone a match that they are happy about.

Which is why, they are quite emphatic about their Mission Statement, which is, matching aspirations and expectations, bringing beautiful and successful people together.

How is it like to be a Sugar Daddy or Sugar Baby on

The #1 expectation has from Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas is to be authentic – which means not pretending to be something they are not. Being true to themselves and to the sugar babies they want to sponsor.

Special Features of

It does not have a bunch of features. They have deliberately kept the site simple without any non-essential bells and whistles which nobody cares about anyway. There are just two or three features you should know about.

  • Live Chat - When you sign up on this site, you can check out other member profiles, but you will need to take up the paid subscription to message them or communicate with them.

    One of the communication tools is Live Chat, which allows for real-time interactions between the Sugar Babies (called Dates) and the Sugar Daddy or Sugar Mommy (called Sponsors). Live Chat is a great way to find out who you’re dealing with and to assess your compatibility with them before asking them out on a real date.

  • Lucidity - has a very good tool for searching/suggesting matches called Lucidity. Lucidity matches the Sponsor/Date with their expectations.

  • Sponsor Badges - There are different levels of Sponsor Badges for Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas. They vary from Bronze ($20/month), Silver ($40/month), Gold ($60/month), Platinum ($80/month), Diamond ($100/month) and Star ($120/month).

    Each higher badge comes with its own privileges and indicates superior monetary status and higher spending power. So the most attractive sugar babies on the site will always want to date sugar daddies or sugar mommas with higher Sponsor Badges.

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