3 Tips To Have a Platonic Relationship without Having Sex with Your Sugar Daddy

Platonic Sugar Daddy Relationship

If you want to become a sugar baby but would like to remain platonic with a sugar daddy, you may be wondering if it’s even possible to do. Yes, it is possible to have a platonic sugar daddy relationship. You can be dating a sugar daddy without having sex. Here’s what you need to remember – the relationship you have with a sugar daddy is going to naturally evolve. Once you connect with someone, you may want to have sex with someone or not. The choice is yours. The reality is that sex can happen and sometimes it never does.

First, it’s important to understand what a platonic sugar daddy is. These are men who, for whatever reason, want to take care of a woman without having sex with her. They could be married and not want to cheat on their wife. They may not be sexually active for medical reasons, or they just want a female companion without the complication of sex involved.

Most people are under the assumption that having sex with a sugar daddy means they’ll make more money. However, that’s not necessarily true. It really depends on how comfortable your sugar daddy is with you and if he feels you are worth the money without the sex. So, how to get a sugar daddy without giving sugar to them? Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Set Up Boundaries, Adding Them To Your Profile - When you’re looking for a sugar daddy, be sure to realize what your boundaries are. Are you okay with sleeping with a married man? Are you okay with sleeping with an older man? If the answer is no, make sure you create these boundaries and add them to your profile. This lets potential sugar daddies know what you will and will not stand for. Sugar daddies looking for a platonic relationship will know that it’s what you are looking for too.

  • Use Your Other Qualities - While sex is a common service for sugar baby/daddy relationships, you can use your other qualities to make up for the lack of sex. What qualities can you offer a sugar daddy that he’d want besides sex?

  • Realize Your Role In The Relationship - Sugar babies are there to relax their sugar daddy. This means learning what they like and dislike, talking about things not related to their work and so on. Since sex isn’t a part of the equation, you need to find other ways to keep him happy.

It is quite possible to date a sugar daddy platonically, but it’s not uncommon for feelings of love to enter the relationship too. Be mindful that sometimes what you think is love is really infatuation. You may mistake the two and so could he. It’s not unheard of for sex to cloud people’s judgment, making them feel one thing when it’s something else entirely. If you feel this could be you, a platonic relationship with a sugar daddy may be best. Now join OnlineSugarBabies.com to find an online sugar daddy or sugar baby with on meeting at all.

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