2 Popular Canadian Cites for Sugar Daddy Dating

Sugar Daddy Canada

Here’s a trick question…

Which are the two best Canadians Cities for sugar daddy dating in Canada?

You’d think Toronto and Vancouver – after all, they are the two biggest cities in Canada, where some of the richest people in the country live. But the answer would surprise you. Ottawa and Calgary are the two best cities for sugar daddy dating in Canada.

Calgary and Ottawa are incredibly popular. They are both target-rich areas for sugar babies in search of rich and successful sugar daddies. Let’s quickly talk about how sugar daddy dating works in each of the two cities.

Sugar Daddy Ottawa

Ottawa is obviously the capital of Canada, and home to the entire Canadian government. No, there aren’t too many CEOs or hedge fund managers here, but what you have are lots of rich, incredibly rich politicians and bureaucrats.

Don’t tell us you didn’t know already that politicians and government employees in Canada make a lot of money! They do enjoy very good salaries, and many, many perks. They also have access to lifetime pension, which means they don’t really need to think twice when spending money.

And here’s the interesting part – the politicians and government employees who live here are family men, but stay alone, and visit their families on weekends. They could be from Toronto, Vancouver, or Calgary, and are here only because their job requires them to be in Ottawa on weekdays.

Weekends are for the family and weekdays for work. What this means is, they are all alone on weekdays and completely bored. What do men do when they are alone and bored? They find out female companionship.

Which is why there are so many sugar daddies in Ottawa, finding out the company of young and beautiful sugar babies, on a discrete and no-strings-attached mutually beneficial short-term relationship.

Also, since these are responsible men in high positions, they will definitely not associate with prostitutes, escorts or hookers – they are on the lookout for sugar daddy relationships only.

Sugar Daddy Calgary

Sugar daddy relationships in Calgary has really taken off in recent years, and it is easy to see why.

Calgary is today a major university town, and is home to a large student community, many of whom come from abroad. That means there are many young women here looking to make some extra money through sugar daddy dating.

Calgary is also the capital of the oil and gas industry of Canada, much like Dallas in the United States. So, there is a huge amount of oil wealth here, which goes back to more than a hundred years. That explains why this city has so many high net worth individuals, almost as many as Toronto and Vancouver.

Sugar daddies in Calgary have all made serious money from the oil and gas industry and are now on the lookout for the companionship of pretty young ladies. No, they are not really interested in marriage or serious relationships – after all, most sugar daddies are married men with families. They just want the companionship of a young lady, who they can pamper with gifts and monthly allowances.

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