SugarDaddyMeet – Straight Sugar Daddy Site Serves Top 20 Richest Countries Only

Rich Country

Sugar dating is taking the entire world by storm, no doubt. More countries are joining the movement, and the sugar bowl is expanding by the day.

For instance, SugarDaddyMeet – one of the best sugar dating platforms on the internet – has its services available to sugar daddy prospects in top countries of the world. This means that countries outside the top 20 developed countries of the world may not be eligible for these services.

The big question is, “Why is this?” Well, this article will make a serious attempt at finding answers to this salient question. Let’s get to it!

The Target Markets

The sugar dating industry is another business industry built on getting results. And to get results, it is essential to have a target market(s). When one or more markets are targeted, it is easier to reach the desired audience and get results. The largest sugar dating markets are in the top 20 developed countries.

Countries like the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the USA, among others, have large populations of prospective and practicing sugar dating partners. Thus, it is easier to introduce and run a sugar dating platform like SugarDaddyMeet in those locations.

Sugar Dating Popularity

Despite its continuous acceptance in more countries and locations, it is clear that sugar dating is more prevalent in some places than others. The top 20 developed countries of the world are places where sugar dating is 100% thriving. This is because the populations in these countries already understand how things work, the benefits involved, and what to do to enjoy these benefits.

Thus, introducing a sugar dating platform like SugarDaddyMeet in such locations is like providing a missing piece to solve a famous puzzle. The platform is better utilized, and results are more evident.

Where is the money?

We will all agree that finance is crucial to any thriving sugar dating community. Rewarding an average sugar baby means spending a lot of cash by the sugar daddy. So, the sugar daddy must be rich and successful. Interestingly, the chances of becoming wealthy and successful are better in these developed countries, considering the booming economy and exceptional standards of living.

This is why the sugar daddy populations in these countries are more significant. Sugar babies understand this, and they move to such places to increase their chances of finding a wealthy sugar daddy. Considering this, it will only be logical not to have sugar dating platforms like SugarDaddyMeet target those locations. There is money, the market is booming, and the platform will be maximized.

Tech-savvy sugar dating population

According to statistics, the tech-savvy populations in the top 20 developed countries are larger compared to underdeveloped countries.

SugarDaddyMeet is an online platform, thus, getting the best out of it requires intermediate tech knowledge – a quality most users from these developed countries possess.


These reasons discussed above are why SugarDaddyMeet has limited its services to only the top 20 developed countries of the world. The efficiency is higher in these places, and every party gets the desired results more easily.

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